Lafayette Rod & Gun Club

Range Rules

Affiliations: NRA – IHMSA – SASS – MOSS – IDPA

– Rules: Compliance with the rules is mandatory. Failure to comply with rules may result in membership being revoked.
– Hours: Shooting is not allowed between dusk and 8:00am.
– Access: Observe a 15 mph speed limit on Rocky Branch Rd. (This is a self-imposed limit to limit dust and make ourselves responsible neighbors.)
– Guests: Guests are welcome, but must be accompanied by a current member. Members are responsible for their guests while using club facilities.
– Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed prior to nor while shooting, nor by anyone in the vicinity of an active shooting area.
– Full-auto: No fully automatic firearms are allowed except by police, military, and Class III license holders.

– Consider every firearm to be loaded and treat it accordingly.
– Loaded firearms are not allowed behind the firing line.
– Firearms are not to be loaded until you are ready to fire.
– Unattended firearms on the firing line must be unloaded with actions open.
– Do not rely on mechanical safeties – they can and do fail.
– Point muzzles down range at all times while on the firing line.
– Do not elevate muzzles to fire over berms.
– Fire only straight down-range. (Do not fire cross-range.)
– All targets must be positioned to allow bullets traveling beyond the target to impact a beam. 
– Do not handle another person’s firearm without their permission.
– Unsafe handling or display of firearms is prohibited.
– Eye and ear protection is MANDATORY while in the immediate vicinity of any firing area.

– Do not shoot at any club property other than authorized targets. (Glass bottles and similar breakables, rocks, etc. are unsafe and unauthorized.
– Clean up your target area when finished (i.e. paper in the trash barrels and aluminum cans in the proper receptacle).
– NO CENTER FIRE nor MAGNUM RIMFIRE rifle shall be fired at any steel targets. (Except specifically
authorized calibers used by IHMSA-Cowboy silhouettes.) (NOTE: This does not apply to the round steel
plates that have been made available at all firing lines berms areas. They may be shot with any shotgun or legal rifles or handguns or of any caliber.)


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