2012 Schedule

Lafayette Rod & Gun Club

Monthly Schedule for 2012

March 17 - Noon

July 21- Noon

April 21 - Noon

August 18- Noon

May 19 - Noon

September 15 - Noon

June 16 - Noon
Relay for Life Benefit Match

October 20- Noon

Safety and  Responsibility

It must be  emphasized that the standards for safety and safe gun-handling are very high and  are rigorously enforced. The excellent safety record of IPSC is no accident. It  is a direct result of these high standards.

Basic Firearm Safety  Rules

  1. All firearms are  always considered to be loaded.
  2. The muzzle must  always be pointed down range and in a safe direction - never allow the muzzle.  to cover anything you are not willing to shoot.
  3. Keep your finger off  the trigger and out of the trigger guard, except when actually shooting at  targets.
  4. Be sure of where the  bullet is going to end up.

Range Safety and  Safety Areas

In addition to the  four basic safety rules, there are further rules for safety. These procedural  safety rules involve safe gun-handling and common sense.

  • Once holstered,  handguns may not, under any circumstances, be handled in any fashion outside the  Safety Area without the express authorization of a Range Officer.
  • The uncasing and  casing of the firearm must always take place at the Safety Area.
  • The handling of  ammunition in any Safety Area is strictly prohibited.
  • Pistols are carried  in the holster from stage to stage. They are always , unloaded, with the hammer  down, and no magazine inserted.
  • Eye and ear  protection must be worn at all times while on the range whether shooting or not.

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