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Mountain Oyster Gang Monthly Chronicle
                               September 2019

Howdy Folks,  

Well, couldn't have begged for much nicer weather considering we just said Adios to August!  Let's hope the rest of the year is as kind.

Welcome to Eldarado Jailer as a new shooter this month. Hope to see you back every month. Hint, that's how you get in good practice ;)

We had 2 "Clean Shooter" accomplishments today, Shorty Jackson and Schnickelfritz. Way to shoot straight!!!  Let's see if we can get more to join these ranks.

Schnickelfritz wants to thank everyone that helped drop steel after the shootin' was done. It was a great help to him and made the match run much smoother.

Our next match is scheduled for Sunday October 5th. Shooter's meeting at 9:30, commence firing by 10:00 am.  Come on out and bring a pard or two. We'd love to have more shooters!

October will be the last match of the year unless there is enough interest and good weather for November. The busy season starts with deer season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. so we'll discuss shooting the first Sunday in November when we are together at the October match. Check your calendars so you can give us a good idea if you will make it if we have a shoot. We need enough interest to secure the range for the day as there is nothing scheduled on the range calendar.

Schnickelfritz and Brassy Heart

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