Mountain Oyster Gang Monthly Chronicle
                               June 2017

Howdy Folks,  
Thank you to all of the shooters that came out to make our annual 3-day shoot fun!  The weather cooperated for the most part and there was plenty of food!!!  What more could one ask for?

The results of the costume contest held on Saturday night at the banquet were:

Best Dressed Lady - Miss Pearl

Best Dressed Gentleman - Dusty Dustem, aka Clayton Moore, aka The Lone Ranger

Best Dressed Couple - Kassidy Kate and Luke McGlue


I do not have the long range results in my possession but can send them along with next month's scores and newsletter.

We had 2 shooters that shot a clean all weekend: Lonesome Ryder and Latigo Smith.....Great shooting to both of you!

Congratulations to Mo No Name for being our Overall Winner!

Our next match will be July 2, 2017 with shooter's meeting at 8:30 and shooting to begin at 9:00.  Hopefully we can beat the Missouri July heat. Bring a friend to shoot with you.!

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