RBR Chronicle


Mountain Oyster Gang Monthly Chronicle
                               March 2017

Howdy Folks,  
What a nice turnout for the shoot this month, 32 shooters! A huge thank you to the shooters that came all the way from Kansas to play in Missouri. Hope you had tons of fun and plan to return soon. Although no one shot clean at least everyone got a little practice in to get ready for the shooting season.

Congrats to Doc Hurd for the top shooter overall !

We will be starting to organize the rest of the 3 day shoot for June 2,3,and 4, 2017 very soon. One bit of news to share is that this year we will be having a banquet at an off-site facility on Saturday night. Initial plans are for a social hour followed by the meal, costume contest and awards for the side matches from Friday. I will keep everyone updated on this and hope to have the registration flyer available very soon. Please be sure to tell your shooting pards so we can have a great showing for this event. We like to put on a fun and interesting shoot and need more and more to come enjoy it with us!

President:                   Schnickelfritz (Scott Siefeid) 660-909-6519     siegfrieds@ctis.net
Vice-President:          Latigo Smith (Ralph Vogel) 816-318-9967       sassblackbird@aol.com
Vice-President:          Captain Tyree (Chuck Jones) 816-795-7219     capttyree@sbcglobal.net
Secretary-Treasurer:   Lobo Wolfe (Phil Ballenger)  660-563-2099     lobo49ruger@hotmail.com 

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